Pregnancy Diary: The Beginning

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After an Apple Watch notification told me I was 2 or 3 days late, I realised I had been looking at the numbers in the app the wrong way round. What I thought was the date (30th) was actually the cycle days! I had pretty much no symptoms this time round so had mostly written this cycle off. Looking at the days in 2 different apps it turns out I was late so I decided to use my only test, even though it was late at night.

I got the test wrong too. I had meant to buy a stick test, nice and easy to use, but I had grabbed the ‘dip & read’ version (very similar packaging) which I’d never used or even seen before. Thankfully it came with a cup but they’re still a little fiddlier to use… Nonetheless, it still worked. After a brief and slightly disbelieving wait, two pink lines! That’s a positive.

I went out to show C who was playing PlayStation and didn’t enjoy being interrupted in the middle of a round. I really didn’t care… I snapped something at him like:

Well I just took a test and it’s positive so do you wanna talk now?

That worked.

He was really happy but tried not to get too excited yet. We just wanted to get through the first trimester and get a little reassurance that all would be ok.

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