Review: Mountain Buggy Juno Carrier (Part 1)

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First things first, the reason this review is only Part 1 is because we are still waiting on our passenger to arrive before we can actually start using our new carrier. This will be more of a ‘first impressions’ post and once we have a real squirming baby to carry around I’ll be able to write ‘Part 2: Does This Thing ACTUALLY Work’!

While I anticipate using our pram quite a lot, some Mums I’ve talked to swear by their carriers and tell me they’re really useful for places where prams can be cumbersome or if you just want to go hands-free. I have also heard they come in handy for the ‘I have to be close to Mum at all times’ babies as they let you get around and do things while keeping your wee one close, or babies who like to drift off to sleep while being carried around. Either way, I figured we would likely get good use out of a carrier so I started shopping around.

It is a bit of a risk for us buying these kind of items as we usually have to buy them online. There is no local baby store like BabyFactory or Baby City in our area so we can’t go in and try them all out first. Farmers can be hit or miss with their stock and there still isn’t a real choice there so unless we travel to Christchurch or Wellington we just have to make do with online shopping. This means a lot of time trolling through online reviews and asking random Mums I meet about their carriers. These days when I buy online I stick to a ‘you get what you pay for’ mindset as I typically find I get disappointed whenever I buy cheaper items online and end up sending them back. Things can definitely be too good to be true sometimes but I think it’s paid off for us this time!

Why We Chose the Juno…

To be honest, one of the reasons we chose this particular carrier is that we would be able to buy it with our Fly Buys reward points! We didn’t actually end up getting it this way but it was a buying point for us as we still have a couple of larger purchases coming up and why spend cash if you can spend points, right!?

Other practical reasons why the Juno was at the top of my list were that it was consistently well-rated in terms of quality and design, it can be used from newborn (with included infant insert) up to 20kgs (others we looked at only went up to 14-15kgs), it has won several design awards, and is a well-known brand in NZ. For us it was on the expensive side retailing at RRP $249 NZD, however in the end my Mum got it for us as a gift when it went on sale for $199. You get a lot with your money as it offers multiple carrying modes:

First Impressions: The Good Bits

  • Quality packaging
  • Sturdy construction but soft hand-feel
  • Big thick padded shoulder straps!
  • Very clever features and product design, lots of options
  • Easy to put on (once you figure it all out)
  • Newborn/Infant insert is included, not an extra purchase

First Impressions: The Not-So-Good Bits

  • Figuring it all out! The instruction booklet was confusing, picture-diagram-only with no words to explain.
  • Is it too clever? The options are great but I’m a little worried I might forget all of those clever details in a new-mum haze and get something wrong

The Final Word (Part 1)

I am really happy so far. I feel confident that we have purchased a good quality product that will suit our needs. As long as I remember all the little tricks to it I think it will be great, and in actual fact I think that worry really only applies when you’re changing carrying modes and I won’t have to worry about that until our passenger is about 6 months old. Hopefully my brain will be functioning a little better again by then!

You can purchase the Mountain Buggy Juno Carrier here, or if you live in NZ and have some Fly Buys points saved up then you can find it on the Rewards Store!

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