Unnecessary luxury gadgets are um, well, unnecessary…

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Ahh The RockIt. Every new mom’s dream. It will keep babies moving and snoozing! All your newborn sleep problems will be solved! For $89.95. Yeah right.

There were three eventualities for this particular item:

  1. Can’t leave home without it
  2. Shoved in a cupboard or left in the car
  3. Sold

The RockIt actually ran the full list! At first it would go with me every time I left the house with the pram. I looked for any excuse to use it. It worked exactly as described with varying speeds and auto-shut off after 30 minutes. It fit my pram well and was easy to use. Then as the weeks went by I realised that it wasn’t actually a guarantee of convenient continuous sleep. The baby will wake up when he wakes up, and if he needs the rest then he will keep sleeping. Simple as that. Not every need can be addressed with a gentle rocking motion. If my baby can sleep through a noisy log truck rattling past on a main road, stopping for a coffee isn’t going to keep him from sleep if he needs it.

Fast forward a couple more weeks and it got annoying. I would forget the RockIt was attached to the pram and when I collapsed the pram to put it in the car the RockIt would slide off its bracket and SMACK the ground with that horrible cracking sound that makes you swear loudly and hope to hell the damn thing is still in one piece when you pick it up… I just couldn’t be bothered with it anymore so I chucked it in the storage box in my car. It sat there for over a month. When it finally resurfaced and rolled out again I decided to bite the bullet and list it on TradeMe. I could use the money for more important things like bras that actually fit.

Long story short? It cost me about $30 to learn this valuable lesson: Don’t buy unnecessary luxury gadgets, especially not when you’re late night shopping and/or in need of an emotional pick-me-up.

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