Workout: HIIT #1

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It’s not easy to fit a workout in with an energetic, inquisitive toddler around! I usually try to squeeze one in while he’s asleep or occupied eating (he still sits right in front of me for safety and supervision) but he slept in today and everything is a bit out of whack. Just roll with it though, right?

If this was a bodyweight workout I would have found ways to incorporate him but I had my heart set on kettlebells today and it’s not really safe to be swinging around lumps of heavy iron near my precious baby’s head! I grabbed a few fav toys for a distraction station and went for it. The distraction station was a total fail but I still got it done.

Make sure to warm up and give each round max effort WHILE MAINTAINING GOOD FORM. If your form starts to break down then reduce weight and/or slow down.

BUY IN: 30 Heavy Kettlebell Swings. I used my 15kg bell as this is the heaviest I have.

3 rounds of the following:
💥Box (stool) jumps x10
💥Elevated plank donkey kicks x20/leg
💥Kettlebell alternating side lunge DL x20 (10 per leg)
💥One arm KB swings x20/arm
💥One arm KB clean and press x10/arm

Once you’ve done 3 rounds then your Buy-Out is 50 Kettlebell Pendulum swings. Phew! Done.

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