Workout: HIIT #2

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I loved this one! I decided to make good use of my surroundings and use the two steps up to my deck as a plyo apparatus and it worked out really well. This workout felt like it flowed much better too, probably because my baby was sleeping so I was able to give it my total focus! There are a few combo moves here that I’ll break down after the workout listing below. It will require weights but if you don’t have kettlebells then dumbbells will be fine. If you don’t have a band then just do that exercise without.

Buy in: 30 Heavy Kettlebell Swings

Main workout: Intervals of 45s Work / 15s Rest, 3 rounds, 5 exercises per round.

  • Double Stair Hops
  • Knee-to-Elbow + Push-up
  • Deadlift / Bent Over Row combo
  • Banded Hip Raise + Abduction
  • KB Hang Clean & Press x3 + Reverse Burpee

Buy Out: Plank Hold for time.

Now to break this down a little. The stair hops are nearly self-explanatory, I do a two-foot jump on to the first step, then up again to the second step, then back down to the start. The rhythm should go ‘up-up-down-down’ and that’s one rep. Make sure you’re using a step wide enough to get your whole foot on as you need to make sure your heel touches down for each landing. Stay low and try to land as softly and smoothly as possible.

Knee to Elbow + Push-up: Get in to a push-up position and keep your arms extended. Lift one knee up on the outside of your body to meet the corresponding elbow, if you can. Squeeze your obliques. Return your leg to starting position and repeat in the other side. Then do a push-up! That’s one rep. If you can’t get your leg all the way up that’s fine, get it as high as you can and just tap your toe before returning to the start position. Feel free to do push-ups on your knees if required. I’m still building my upper body strength back up so I’m dropping down I need to.

Deadlift / Bent Over Row Combo: This is more of a Romanian Deadlift. Grab some moderately heavy things and pick them up, you’re starting at the top of the Deadlift. Lower down to the bottom, hold that position and perform a bent over row, then squeeze your glutes and lift back up to the top. I seem to remember this one featuring a lot in Pump classes…

Banded Hip Raise + Abduction: Pop a band on just above your knees. If you don’t have one then just do without. Lie down on your back with your legs bent, feet hip width apart and as close to your butt as you can get them. Leave your hands by your sides. Squeeze your glutes and push through your heels to lift your hips and butt off the ground and raise them as high as you can. When you’re at the top, hold that position and open your knees (abduction), then bring them back to the start and lower your hips back down, rolling your spine back on to the mat. The band serves as extra resistance for the abduction part.

Kettlebell Hang Clean & Press x3 + Reverse Burpee: This combo looks like a maths equation! Promise it’s not. I love clean and presses but I just decided to add a little extra movement in. Start by holding two kettlebells in a hang clean position, clean them up to the front rack position and then press them overhead. Return to the front rack and then lower back to the start. Do this three times then after the third rep put them down on the floor and perform a reverse burpee – squat down, sit down, roll your spine down on to the floor until you’re lying on your back, legs straight and arms tap overhead. Then sit up in to a squat position and drive upward to perform a jump. Pick up the kettlebells and off you go again! The reverse burpee does require quite a good range of motion, particularly to get back up from lying to squatting. If this isn’t for you yet then just perform a regular burpee and be prepared for a shoulder burn! Make sure not to sacrifice your form for the main clean and press movement. Leave the push up out of the burpee if you need.

Right, that’s the breakdown, hopefully that has painted a beautiful sweaty picture for you. Get to it!

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