Workout: HIIT #3

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One to enjoy on a sunny Monday. I did learn a valuable lesson here though and I’m sure other mums can sympathise: go to the bathroom before you attempt skipping. ESPECIALLY double-unders. #LBL issues anyone? Anyway, after a quick dash to the loo I completed the buy in which honestly was a little easy and moved on to the workout.

This session is 3 rounds of 45s work / 15s rest intervals. 5 exercises a round means you’re done the main part in 15 minutes and the whole thing in under 20. There are a few combos here but the exercises should be pretty self-explanatory so I’m not going to totally break them down in this one. The leg lifts can be done just lying face down on the ground but I actually did them lying off the end of our dining room table… I used my 8kg bells for everything except the RDL to high pull, I used the 10kg for that.

Here’s the whole workout:

Buy In: 100 Skips

Intervals: 15x 45s Work / 15s Rest (15mins total)

  • Kettlebell Thrusters (squat to power press)
  • Kettlebell sit-up with Russian Twist at the top
  • Kettlebell Romanian Deadlift to High Pull
  • Kettlebell Overhead Lunge with Tricep Extension
  • Banded Leg Lifts (Hip Extensions)

Buy Out: 100 Baby Squats. Grab your baby if they are around or use something close to their weight instead. Mine had had enough by about 20 reps!

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