Workout: AMRAP #1

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Today was a great day! Honestly, yesterday was a complete write-off. It was a lovely morning, despite not making it to Playcentre, but everything went downhill from nap time onwards. I think it was one of the worst nap attempts we’ve ever had and they’re never usually bad. So no workout yesterday and nothing got done between about 12pm and 4:30pm. I managed, and by dinner time the day was mostly back on track but it was one of those afternoons where it would be great if you could just hit the off switch on life, shut yourself in a room for a while and either scream, sob, or enjoy silence…

Today was better. Much much better. The sun was shining! We made it to playcentre! I ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Nap time went like a dream! I exercised! I put 3 loads of washing through and got them all hung outside! I’m even pre-packed for playcentre in the morning. I made muffins!!! Whaaa? There couldn’t be a bigger difference.

I concocted a bodyweight only AMRAP today seeing as my last 3 workouts have involved weights and resistance. I wanted a mix of cardio, abs, and upper body because that’s something I really want to work on. I used to be able to bash out pushups like no tomorrow but I would struggle to get 10 full ones in a row right now. This was definitely a shoulder burner, I’m glad I put the upper body work earlier in the round because my form would have likely suffered if it was the last exercise. Speaking of the last exercise I did groan at myself when I checked the board… Why do I do some things to myself? Here’s the workout:

  • 20x Criss Cross Squat Jumps
  • 10x Walk-out (a.k.a. Inchworm) Push-ups
  • 10x Suitcase Crunches with opposite toe touch
  • 20x Lunge Switch Jumps with kick-back
  • 10x Plank Pushes (Elbows to Hands)

Here’s the breakdown below if you need it.

Criss Cross Squat Jumps: Start in a half squat position then jump up and land with your feet crossed, one leg in front of the other. Jump back in to a low squat, then repeat the movement except switch the ‘criss cross’ and land with the other foot in front.

Walk Out/Inch Worm Pushups: Stand at the foot of a mat, bend down and place your hands on the ground. Walk your hands forward until you’re in the pushup position, then perform a push-up. Drop to your knees if you need to. Once you’ve done a push up, return to your feet (if you were on your knees) and walk your hands back up to your feet. Tap your shins and begin again. There’s no need to return to standing in between each one, this will take too long.

Suitcase crunches: Lie on your back on a mat. Draw in your belly button and ‘glue’ your lower back to the ground. Bend your knees and lift both feet off the ground so your knees and hips are both at 90 degrees. Raise your arms off the ground with bent elbows, fingertips somewhere around your ears. Now crunch up bringing your knees and elbows towards each other. Imagine a suitcase that it open and you’re bringing both sides up together to close at the top. Then lower back down to the mat. Now for the toe-touch – extend one leg and the opposite arm, then reach up again to touch your toe. Lower back down and repeat the suitcase crunch. Alternate sides for the toe touches.

Lunge Switch Jumps with Kick Back: Start in a lunge position, make sure your knees never go over your toes. Drive up and jump, switching legs midair to land in a lunge again with the opposite foot in front. Now stay low and transfer your weight to your front leg and squeeze the glute of your back leg to lift it up and kick back as high as you can. Place your foot back down in to the lunge position and repeat, keep alternating sides.

Plank Pushes: Get in to a plank position on your elbows. Keep your hips steady and in line. One arm at a time, push up on to your hands so you finish in a push up position. Then lead with the same arm and lower back to your elbows. Switch lead arms halfway through.

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