Challenge: Low Impact 300 Rep

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The last few workouts have all been either HIIT, weights, high impact, or all of the above and I’m definitely feeling it! I’m also a little zombified from a night of majorly interrupted sleep and an early start due to not one but TWO eye teeth cutting their way in to the world. Ugh, isn’t teething just the pits? My wee man was pretty unhappy with it and he was waking and grizzling every couple of hours.

I stepped back the intensity this time and settled on a low impact workout with an open time challenge. I didn’t rush through it and just tried to keep my form in check. It definitely wasn’t a sweat sesh and by the end of the workout I wondered if I had made it too low impact but within about half an hour of finishing I started to feel some major fatigue in my upper body. Guess it was enough after all!

Tips: Keep checking your form and don’t allow yourself to use any momentum for the weighted exercises. Contract and squeeze your muscles to initiate the movement. I love the lat pullovers as they help my shoulder mobility but be sure to keep your back glued to the ground and hold the set position – draw your shoulder blades together and down your spine and keep them there during the whole movement.

Warmup: 5 mins of skipping. Two dashes to the bathroom. Seriously!

Workout: 3 Rounds for Time, 100 reps per round = 300 Reps

  • x20 Squat with alternating side leg lift
  • x20 Ab Bikes (alternating knee to elbow crunches)
  • x20 Kettlebell Front Raise (6kgs)
  • x20 Banded Leg Lifts
  • x20 Kettlebell Lying Lat Pullover (8kg)

After all that I actually forgot to check my time! It was around 20 mins but my bubba woke up just as I was about to stretch afterwards and I totally missed checking my timer. The Workout app prompted me ‘have you finished your workout’ at around 28 minutes. Oops!

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