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I stayed off social media for most of the weekend. It’s definitely good to do every now and then plus we had a super-busy weekend so there wasn’t really any time for content creation. I didn’t do any workouts but stayed active with chores and park visits. Goofing around on a flying fox counts as activity, right? Not the ones you sit on, one of the ones you have to hang off and hope you have the grip strength to get you to the other side! That definitely counts.

So Monday has rolled around again and I’ve planned this week’s workouts out a little better, even writing some in advance. They started out a little ‘on the fly’ because I got frustrated with what I was doing previously but that’s definitely not the best way to go about it so I’ve pulled my socks up and written a one-week cycle. Nothing too fancy, just making sure I’m not doing too many heavy sessions in a row or overworking one area. I’ll see how it goes and make tweaks if I need to.

Monday’s workout was back to a 15 minute HIIT format, performed straight after resettling my wee man back down after he woke halfway through his nap. I have to admit I was doing the whole humming and rocking thing just hoping he would go back to sleep and stay down long enough for me to get an uninterrupted workout in! It worked. The workout is below, it went pretty well but I honestly didn’t like a couple of the combos I put in. I tried a couple of new ones and I didn’t feel like they flowed very well. It may work for some but it just didn’t feel as effective for me as I would have liked.

Warmup – Dynamic movements and a no-weight practice round.

Workout: 45s / 15s intervals, 3 rounds of 5 exercises = 15 minutes.

  • Deadlift/RDL Combo (15kg)
  • Push-up with alternating Kettlebell tap
  • Side shuffle to squat-lunge-squat combo
  • Plank KB Drag
  • KB Hop-over to Bent Over Row Combo

The breakdown is below for the moves.

Deadlift/RDL Combo: Use a heavy weight, I used my 15kg bell as it’s the heaviest I have. Start with a deadlift, then at the top you need to perform a Romanian Deadlift (RDL) and then lower the weight back down  to complete the initial deadlift movement. 

Pushup with KB Tap: Start in a pushup position with a kettlebell on the ground a little further out from but in line with your head. The further away from you it is the harder it gets. Perform a pushup, then reach out and tap the bell with one hand. Perform another pushup and tap again with the other hand. Continue with pushups and alternating hand taps.

Side shuffle to Squat-Lunge-Squat Combo: Heads up – I hated this one. I found it too fiddly and I had to think about it too much to get the flow going. Start standing sideways at one end of a mat or space. Do two shuffles to the side or to the other end of the mat and with the final step turn it in to a squat. Stay low, pick up your inside leg and step backwards in to a lunge, then back to the squat. Stand up straight and repeat to the other side, going from side to side. 

Plank Kettlebell Drag: Get in to a high plank position (on your hands) with a kettlebell at arms reach in front of you. Reach forward and grab the bell, then drag it through under your body towards your toes and place it as far back as you can. Your hips will rise up in to the air similar to a downward dog in yoga. Once you have placed the bell, return to the original plank position, jump or step your feet in, stand up and turn around to repeat the movement facing the other way and dragging with the other hand.

KB Hop-over to Bent Over Row: Place two kettlebells (or dumbbells) on the ground a little wider than hip-width apart. Stand in between them. Jump to one side over the kettlebell (one foot hop is easier, two foot jump is harder) and jump back over to the middle again, pick up the weights and perform 3x bent over rows. Place the bells back down and repeat on the other side. Be careful with this one as your heart rate should be up and you need to make sure your form is solid and your core is braced for the rows. 

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