I live with my husband, son, and cat in the South Island of New Zealand. Originally from a big city, I chose to move halfway across the country to a smaller region and reap the benefits of more affordable housing, less traffic, and better weather. There have been a few trade-offs (less shopping and café-hopping!) but we have made a good life for ourselves here and will enjoy bringing up our first child in a beautiful region of NZ.

I have a dual background in both admin/management and the fitness industry and have worked in both community and corporate worlds. I worked full time as a busy desk-jockey until recently when I had to stop to take better care of myself towards the end of my pregnancy. After organising most of my house and marking all the recipes in my cookbook collection I wanted to try I explored a few other options to keep myself busy until the baby arrived, hence this blog.

In my first attempt at a ‘grown up’ blog I’ll be writing about what’s going on during pregnancy and beyond, fitness and workouts, life as a new parent, how I manage (or don’t manage) my life, and some of the extra bits in it I’m interested in like food and style. I enjoy fashion (though mostly just when it relates to my own personal style), makeup and skincare, gadgets and technology, and family-friendly recipes that taste great but aren’t too fiddly for me to pull off. If that sounds like an appetising mix then I hope you enjoy reading more.